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Dear Readers,

Sorry for not updating my blog recently. The reason is I'm doing some migration over to wordpress which takes up my time as wordpress is very new to me.

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It's been a long holiday and I just back to Penang 2 days ago. I spent this holiday at my hometown where no internet access is available in my house. That's the reason why I left my blog untouched. But I guess not many people read blogs during CNY. Mm... that's a good reason for me to be lazy. No la... not lazy la... relax myself ma...

Let me bring you to Auto City for dinner this time. We went to Harry B1, a Korean Charcoal BBQ Restaurant. This restaurant is located next to Sakae Tepanyaki where I got my birthday treat from my aunt.

The entrance of the restaurant is decorated with big pieces of glass which allows you to enjoy the view outside while you are BBQueing your food.

The inside of the restaurant is arranged with wooden tables and chairs. There are individual fume extractor on top of each tables. This is to ensure you don't smell like a grilled meat when you walk out from this restaurant. :p

We were first served with Banchan; small plates of Kimchi, pickled vegetables and other side dishes. I am not a fan of Kimchi though. But there's one dish which I like. The one sitting at bottom left; it's some fish cake.

The steam egg arrived shortly after the Banchan was served. This was not in my order list, I think it's compliment. The egg was slightly over cooked but taste wise was pretty good. The egg was not as smooth as the one I had in Tsuruya.

We ordered Marinated Pork Ribs. The minimum of the order is 2 sets, the portion was quite small actually. Wish it would be a bigger portion.

Nicely BBQ meat grilled by my cousin sisters. The meat tasted slightly sweet and very fragrant. The meat was tender.

The charcoal used are kinda special. There's a hole in the centre of each hexagon shaped charcoal.

Grilled meat wrapped with fresh lettuce and make a bite sized sandwich.

Kimchi Pancake was too oily for my tastebud. The batter used are like the one in fried oyster (oh chien). It's mixed with chopped kimchi and fried. The pancake tasted averagly sour and spicy.

Deep Fried Pork was ordered by my younger cousin brother. Kids like fried food huh. The fried pork was too dry and tasteless.

A bowl of soup and BBQ sauce came together with the Deep Fried Pork set. The soup was too salty for me while the BBQ sauce did not go well with the fried pork.

Soybean Paste Stew tasted like miso soup to me but there was a hint of spicy taste in it. Enoki mushroom, potato and clams are used to cook the soup. I feel that this dish is slightly over priced as the ingrdients used are normal.

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