This is the second time I've visited Golden Triangle and also the 2nd time I write this review. The first review was gone when my IE encounter a problem. I do not know why all the content disappeared. *angry*

The interior of this restaurant is quite big with a very nice and peaceful environment. Soft music playing added some spices into your dining. The lighting in this restaurant is quite dim, so it created a romantic environment :-)

We've ordered Asparagus Sambal, Choo Chee Fish, Pakapau NZ Mussel, Seafood Otak-Otak In Fresh Coconut, Tang Hoon Crab and Stir Fried Small Cabbage. The last dish was recommended by the waitress. She told us that this 'small cabbage' is a new vege.

While waiting for the dishes to be served, we were wondering on how special the small cabbage to be. Then suddenly my cousin sis said, 'I think the small cabbage is 'choi dam' lar... '. We were like 'Yahor!' .. means no surprise on the new vege.

Ok. Enough of my grandma story.

First served were the asparagus and the small cabbage. The asparagus looks so red o... must be very spicy lol... Hmm... taste good leh... quite spicy and the asparagus is stir fried with a very good timing, leaving it not too soft.

As expected, the small cabbage is choi dam. It's just a very simple dishes. But the flavour is very strong. We all feel that only these 2 veges can help us finish our white rice. Ya.. these 2 veges goes very well with the white rice. Very strong flavour.
Apologize for the blurry vision of the small cabbage. My camera just can't focus. Time for a new camera?? The Pakapau NZ Mussels - these mussels were cooked with basil leaves and garlic. Simple ingredients but enough to bring out the aroma. Tasty one. The basil leaves aroma is not very strong, acceptable for me who don't like basil leaves smell.
Seafood otak-otak in fresh coconuts - squids, prawns and big chunks of coconuts were found in this. Nice dish with sweet taste due to the coconut I guess. Although I don't fancy otak-otak, but this dish is yummy.
Choo Chee Fish. This fish is deep fried and topped with Thai chili paste. The chili paste is very special. Thick gravy with creamy feeling. Seems to me coconut juice were used. Quite spicy too. The fish is crispy outside and soft inside. Taste good.

As for Tang Hoon crab, I've reviewed it before.

At last, dessert time. We ordered Thap Thim Krap. Thai dessert made of jackfruit and water chestnut coated with sago in coconut juice. The coconut juice is too thick for my liking. Although the bowl used is very small, but there are lots of ingredients in it.

A great dinner cost RM 225.

This restaurant serve a wide variety of food. You can find almost everything here, eg. curry mee, fried rice, claypot with rice, nasi lemak, spaghetti, porridge, pan mee, satay, and a wide variety of dessert which is including tong yuen. This restaurant is located at I Avenue, just next to Air Cool Car Tinted Shop and Watson.

We ordered tomato fried rice with satay and Claypot Vegetable Curry with rice. As for drinks / dessert we ordered Honey Dew Sago Ice and Mo Mo Cha Cha. You can opt for the dessert to be served later.

Here comes the tomato fried rice with satay. The fried rice is pretty good, just that slightly wet. Tomatoes, some herbs, spices and salted egg pieces can be found in the fried rice. 3 pcs of satay are served together. The satay taste good. There's a hint of lemongrass flavour in the satay. Suppose they used it to marinate the satay huh. The satay portion is quite big.

I like their satay very much. They serve chicken and lamb satay. There is a satay set which you can order. Range from RM8.90 - RM11.90 for a regular satay set of chicken or lamb or both. You can opt for the large set too.

I've ordered Claypot Vegetable Curry. This dish is not recommended at all. I've visited this shop a few times before I started blogging. Overall, the dishes are tasty except for this one. The curry is too thick but without any curry taste at all. Long bean, four season bean, cabbage, mushroom and tofu were used in this dish.

Mo Mo Cha Cha. I've tasted this before, in my memory the taste is good. But this time, the vanilla essence smell is slightly too strong. I wonder why they use essence?? But lots of ingredients can be found in this. The thing that I like most is the sago like thing which they made into a flower shape. It's chewy.

Honey Dew Sago Ice. Honey dew is blended then mix with coconut juice served with sago and honey dew. Not to sweet :-) . Nice. Normally there are around 3- 4 honey dew balls in it.

The environment is nice. Very peaceful feeling with some soft music playing. The decoration is quite classic

Business Hours:

Monday - Friday: 11am - 2pm, 6pm - 9.30pm

Sat, Sun & Public Holiday: 12 pm - 9.30pm

More pictures:

My first pot of Sukiyaki. I've never try sukiyaki before.

It's a one pot meal which is similar to Chinese Steamboat style of eating. The main ingredient is thinly sliced beef simmered in sukiyaki sauce. Other ingredients such as few types of vegetables, enoki mushrooms, onion, tofu and japanese glass noodles are too put in a pot together with the sukiyaki sauce.

I was surprise that the sukiyaki sauce is so sweet. In fact, slightly too sweet for me if to drink it on its own. But the sliced beef simmered in the sukiyaki sauce is so tasty. The beef is so tender.

The other thing that I like is Japanese glass noodles. It's slightly chewy and not like our local glass noodle which is quite soft. When it's eaten with the sukiyaki sauce, it tasted slighty sweet. Nice.

Enoki mushroom cooked and simmered in sukiyaki sauce also very tasty. Yummy. The mushroom absorbed the sukiyaki sauce, so when we bite on the mushroom, there are lots of sauce.

Kirishima at Cititel Hotel operating at: 12noon to 2.30pm (Lunch), 6.00pm to 10.30pm (Dinner)Location : Lobby Level.

Fun Tea Garden previously was known as Dynamic Cafe. Dynamic Cafe was previously located at around 'Xia Bui' market. Dynamic Cafe was renamed to Fun Tea Garden and moved to opposite of Perangin Mall Pizza Hut which is at Jalan Dr. Lim Chwee Leong. It can be easily located.

This shop is located along main road, but don't worry that you can't get a parking as the shop owner co-operate with a parking site onwer to provide parking for Fun Tea Garden customers with only RM1 as parking fees. The parking is just slightly futher away down the road. There's a 'Car Park' banner displayed, so don't think you'll miss it.

Char Siew Pau - The filling is very tasty. Yummy.

Egg Tart - the pastry is not fluffy enough but the egg is tasty as it's not too sweet.

Century Egg porridge - my favourite. See, there are so much deep fried spring roll skins on top of the porridge. Such a generous serving. This porridge is very tasty. Very soft texture and the taste is just like that you can find at home. Lots of ingredients are used to cook this porridge, I guess. Shredded chicken, dried mussel and century egg can be found in the porridge.

Lo Mai Kai - Taste pretty nice but the glutinous rice is slighty uncooked.

Fried raddish cake - Skin is thin and very crispy. Inside is soft and there are some meats inside the raddish cake. Taste good.
Fried fishball - one of my favourite dim sum at any dim sum restaurant This one is quite chewy. I believe it's hand made.

Siu Mai Wong - This is highly recommended by one of the worker. It's the king of Siu Mai. Mm... for both of us the taste is similar to normal siu mai. mm... our taste bud problem? ? The difference that we found is in this siu mai king there are some vege.

Siu Mai - nothing much to fuss about. Big chunks of water chestnut can be found in this. Just good. ;)

More dim sum pictures:

Overall, the dim sum is satisfying. Total charges is RM 18.40. Quite reasonable for me.

Other than dim sum, this restaurant serve also char hor fun and other fried noodles.

p/s: Argh...! I forgot to print the voucher in Criz Lai's blog to entitle a 10% discount. What a waste.

Yea. It's correct. I tried to cook claypot chicken rice without claypot. Hehe...

Tried to cook a simple dinner without leaving any big mess in the kitchen for cleaning. So, I've thought of steam rice. Put all the ingredients with the rice, then steam it. No oil, no frying, no mess...

But, this is my first attempt to do this. OMG! I'm so worry that it'll turn out to taste bad.

Bought 2 drumsticks from Tesco. Cleaned it, removed the fat, and marinated it with oyster sauce, soy sauce, sugar and pepper for a few hours.

Then I put in all the ingredients (chicken, mushrooms, kwe hua meat - the red thing which similar to lap cheong, ginger and some carrots) on top of rice. Steamed it for 25 minutes.

Tadaa.... It looks and smell nice, but not sure how it taste. :-p

I scooped out everything, divided into 2 and put on plate. This is how it looks.

Hmm... taste good man! Just that the rice is slightly uncooked. I wonder why the rice is slightly uncooked as I think the water should be enough as the rice is quite sticky.

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I've been thinking how other bloggers make such nice templates and layouts. I dare not change my template as I worry will affect the side bar I've created. As I've spent lots of time to create this 3rd side bar.

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The first thing I did is I read all the updated blogs in my blog list first before I start blogging. hehe... Miss all the other blogs...
Cherry Blossom. Heard about this place a few months ago, but finally got to dine there. This restaurant is located in Sg. Ara. It's quite unique as it's a bungalow house. The environment is nice. There are 2 sections where you can sit.

We ordered Meng Kam, Seafood Tomyam, Claypot Tofu, Fried Kangkung and Mango Kerabu.

First served was Meng Kam which is one of my favourite dish in Thai food. Afterall it's appetiser right? Just a brief explaination in case someone is not familiar with this dish. Hmm... mm... mm... I also dunno how to explain. *paiseh*

From the picture, you can spot that there are 9 ingredients in this dish. The ingredients are peanuts, grated coconut, chili, dried shrimps, onion, lime, ginger, sauce and one kind of leaf.

The way to eat this dish is make the leaf (I am not sure what kind of leaf) into a cone shape. Then put all the ingredients into the leaf and put some sauce on top of it. I put everything except onion cos I don't like onion. I like the grated coconut most. My favourite is to make my serving be floaded with sauce. Then you will experience spicy, sweet, sour etc taste in your mouthg. Yummy!

Seafood Tomyam. The serving method is very unique. See there are 2 part of the pot. Only the top part is filled with tom yam. The portion is quite small for 4 person. Taste wise. Good. Spicy and sour enough. But there are very few seafood in the soup.

Once the claypot tofu served on the table, the fragant smell attacked our nose. Hehe. Or maybe we are too hungry? Anyway, the tofu taste very nice. Lots of gravvy and vege.

Kerabu Mango. It has some onion and dried shrimps in it. The dried shrimps are coated with some sugar. Goes well with the kerabu. But overall the kerabu is slightly dry.

Fried Kangkong. Just normal. But it is also topped with dried shrimps which is slightly sweet. Appetising
Lastly, the dessert. This is also one of my favourite food in Thai food. It's some ice with santan served with jackfruit and water chestnut. But this one taste so so.

Overall the food taste good. Total bill is RM71.50. Quite reasonable.

Enjoyed a meal at Korean BBQ Chicken Restaurant with my aunt and cousin. It's just a snack meal as both my aunt and cousin already had their lunch. I am the only one haven't had lunch.

We strolled along Sunway Carnival thinking what to eat. As usual, dunno what to eat. Hehe. Then we came across this restaurant and we decided to try something new to us. It was my first visit to this restaurant although I always come across it at Gurney Plaza.

We flipped and flipped the menu thinking what to order. The pictures in the menu make me drool. Finally made up my mind, I've ordered Korean Charbroiled. This is a set which come with Mashed Potato or Shrimp Fried Rice and Salad. I've chosen mashed potato as rice would be too heavy.

This is how it looked like. Hmm... first bite. Yummy! The thigh meat is so tender and the ingredients used to marinate the chicken is fully absorbed by the chicken. The meat taste slightly sweet. But after a few bites, I found that the skin is quite fatty so I left the fatty skin untouched. Mashed potato tasted very creamy. The salad tasted slightly bitter and the veges are floaded with mayonise which is think it's just too much. Both the mashed potato and the salad are not to my liking.
As for this set the price is RM14.50 for 2 pcs set, RM18.90 for 3 pcs set or RM 34.60 for a family set which consist of 6 pcs.

My cousin sister ordered Golden Strip. It's fried chicken fillet. The chicken fillet is garnished with some cheese. To my surprised, the chicken fillet is not dry at all altough chicken breast is used. The meat is tender too and there are some spices aroma in the meat. I can't figure out what's the spices used. Sure I can't la... it's their secret recipe ma, lol! Hehe. ..
As for the price, RM 8.50 for 4 pcs and RM12.00 for 6 pcs.

We ordered ice lemon tea. There isn't any lemon or tea taste. Not recommended.

Overall, the food is good. Will surely return to try on others.