Went to dine at Golden Triangle 2 days ago. This is a Indochine Restaurant where it served Thai, Vietnamese and Laotian cuisine. The environment is nice.

We ordered one dish from each cuisine. We order this Claypot Tang Hoon Crabs - Thai, Nam Prik Kai (Fried Minced Chicken with Lemongrass) - Laotian and Muc Nhoi Stuffed Squid - Vietanamese. At first wanna order the tapioca dessert recommended in LingZie's Tummy Treats (http://lingzie.com/the-golden-triangle-autocity-juru/) but to my disappointment the dessert was not available on that day. *sob*

First to intro the Claypot Tang Hoon Crabs. Mm... although this dish is a Thai cuisine but to my surprise it is not spicy at all. The tang hoon texture is just right, not to soft. The tang hoon is rich with the crab's flavour. And as published in LingZie's blog, the crab was pre-cracked, so it aint need a big fuss to get the meat.

Next came the Nam Prik Kai (Fried Minced Chicken with Lemongrass). This dish is spicy and I like the overall taste of the chicken. As mentioned in the dish name, the chicken were minced. Although the chicken qty is not much but you can definetely finish a bowl of rice with this dish as the sauce is heavenly.

Lastly came the Muc Nhoi Stuffed Squid. I think the squid is stuffed with chicken. The outer layer of the squid is slightly crispy. And the 'stuffed meat' inside the squid taste good. The meat texture is soft.

RM 88 for the dinner. Mmm.. the price consider reasonable.

Recently I am quite into photography as I read lots of blogs and I starting to admire the blogger's photography skill. As I don't have a pro-camera, I just can snap pics with my normal Olympus camera. Model FE-150.

The below picture I captured while the car is moving. I quite like it. Any comment?

And the below pic was taken at Pavilion, KL. Is the angle of the picture taken good enough? Pls comment.

Went to KL last weekend before I start my new job. Our friend introduced Big Apple donuts to us.

We've bought a series of 12 donuts which cost RM17. Isn't that crazy? I feel that's too much but our friend highly recommended we try this and that flavour... so end up we bought 12 pcs.

The donuts are freshly baked and taste good! The dough are soft and the toppings and fillings are special and tasty. *thumbs up* Fillings? ya... inside the donuts there are fillings... there are chocolate, strawberry, durian, vanila, peanut butter, etc.

I like Alien, Pink Panther, Whitnut, Rolling Stone and Choreo. My friend highly recommend Duren Duren. As I don't fancy durian, I didn't buy.

Hope Big Apple will be opened at Penang soon as one branch just opened at Alor Setar.

May 15th, is a memorable day. :-)

Out of my expectation, we've bought Putra Place. All the while The Spring is the apartment that I wanted to buy and live in. Putra Place has never came across my mind... mm... things really turned out unexpectedly.

Yesterday went to see this house at Putra Place. The first house that we survey and after 20mins of consideration, we've paid deposit to the owner. Is it a fast decision? mm...

This house is fully furnished and well equiped with furnitures. When we are to move in, the only thing that we need to buy is a fridge. But I don't like the sofa set. It's a 3 2 1 leather sofa, which I think it's much too big for the small living hall. And also the TV cabinet... Plan to trade in the sofa and the TV cabinet which is actually a set which consist of sofa set, TV cabinet and a coffee table.

Now need to work on the loan thingy. Hope that everything will be settle soon and I can get the key soon :-) .
Feel so excited that I've finally own a house.

The Spring is a condominium project owned by IJM which is located at Georgetown. I've waited for it to launched since end of last year. After waited for so long, finally it is announced to be launced on 3rd May. So, we got our deposit ready which is RM 20k.

When everything is ready, we received a bad news from IJM just one day before the soft launch. Due to overwhelming response from bulk buyers, they are gonna increased the price by RM 10k during soft launch.
Sigh... I become so down when I heard this news.

Due to the price increase, we decided not to go for it as we feel that it is not worth it as this is a leasehold project.

On the day of the soft launch which start at 10am, my bf's housemates went to E&O hotel to queue and waited for their turn to choose the unit they are interested in. Guess what? They arrived there at 7am and there are already around 100ppl queing already. This is crazy... :-S
According to his friend who was queing at number 2, he arrived there at 4.30am. Unbelieveable! Finally, they also can't get the unit they wanted. It's just too bad.

And today, the bulk buyers are started to sell their units by RM 50k extra. And they are earning RM50k in less than 2 weeks. What kind of world is this? ! It's crazy!

Is this phenomenan normal for penang properties?

Last Sunday I've visited Ah Leng Char Koay Teow again. I was having sore throat that day...

As usual, I've ordered the normal char koay teow with mantis prawn. When it was served, I was shocked! See... the mantis prawn is so big... and thr are 3... mm.. why is it so different from what I ordered last time? weird... last time no mantis prawn was found, but this time...