Okay. Let's pause for a while at food. I would like to share a few scene from HK and Macau.

1. Breathtaking view from The Peak

2. Goldfish market. Lots of goldfish and pets are available here.

3. Big Buddha at Tai Yu Shan

4. Night scene from Avenue of Stars

5. Disneyland

6. Macau

This is the restaurant we had our first dinner at Hong Kong. And it's located at The Peak.

We are very hungry at that moment. So the big portion of the food do please us. Hehe!

This is chicken chop rice. There are some ginger on top of the chicken. Yummy.
I ordered stir fried koay teow with beef. To me this is so so only. The koay teow is a bit hard and the beef is too salty. I was slightly disappointed as I thought HK will have tasty stir fired koay teow with beef. Wan tan mee. The wan tan is delicious. Whole prawn can be found inside a wantan. Yummy. Curry beef with rice. The curry also taste good but was too salty for me. In fact, most of the food also tend to taste more saltly.
Milk Tea. As expected, it's very thick and creamy. Too creamy for my taste.
If not mistaken, this dinner cost us HKD 170++. Ya. That's real expensive!
Overall a satisfying dinner before we venture Madame Tussauds and to a breathtaking night view of Hong Kong.

Hui Lau Shan is our first stop when we arive at Hong Kong. It's time for mango dessert. Yummy.
We ordered mango pudding with ice cream. There are mango pudding, mango ice cream and also big chunks of sweet sweet mango in mango juice. Taste good.

Mango mochi. This is also very special. Big chunk of mango wrapped in mango flavour mochi. But the mango chunk is not as sweet as the one available in mango pudding.

We order 2 mango puddings and one mango mochi and it cost us HKD 85.

It has been 3 yrs since the last time I've visited Breeks Cafe @ Gurney Plaza. I only remember one thing about it which is the serving portion is very big.

This time I visited the branch at Qbay. It was Friday night and not much people were sitting in the cafe.

We ordered 2 main course and one drink which is Goldilock Freeze. It's a mock cocktail which means no alcohol. It tasted like mango yogurt to me with some jelly thingy inside it.

I ordered Baked Dory glazed with Lime Chili Sauce. This is available in a set (come with a soup). The price is even cheaper by RM1 compare to the ala carte. So, I've ordered the set instead of ala carte. As for ala carte, a scoop of ice cream will be given as a complimentary.

The serving size is very big consist of a big piece of dory fish and a medium portion of spaghetti with some vegetables. It's less oily which is a very healthy dish. The fish is very tender with no fishy smell. As spelled in the dish name, lime chilli sauce were used. This make the fish very appetising.

As for BBQ Half Chicken with Smoked BBQ Sauce, this is only available in ala carte. The half chicken is served with some butter rice and garden salad. This taste is okay. The breast meat is too dry to me even though I like breast meat.
The soup was served last. Hmm.. weird.. I suppose the soup should be served first? It's just a normal borsch soup. I thought they would serve cream soup. This soup taste normal only. Anyway, it's free. Hehe

Swensen - one of my favourite place for ice-creams. As this visit is tea time purpose, we didn't ordered much.

We ordered 2 finger foods and 2 ice-creams.

Rodeo chicken wings. This one tasted like ayamas brand spicy chicken wings. But it was topped with some special sauce.

Fun fries. I luv this fries as it's very thick. It's served with 2 sauces which is BBQ sauce and mayonnaise.

Chocolate Frosted Malt. This flavour is recommended by my fren, YH. Wow! It tasted great! There are some choco chips and choco balls on top of it. At the bottom (see the white colour thingy), it's malt. I was wondering... Malt suppose to be brownish in colour?

I ordered mango madness. Mango flavour ice-cream topped with strawberry, mango syrup and cream. This ice-cream is simple yet tasty. Rich in mango flavour.

p/s: why is the picture I've taken is yellowish? Any advice for me?

First shot - fried lou shu fan.

2nd - Mantis prawn with cereals. Yummy. . . 3rd - Abalone with brocolli
4th - Lanterns ...
Any comment on these few shots?

This is something new to me. Ice cream wrap in a mochi. There are 3 flavours available which are chocolate, black sesame and red bean.

The chocolate flavour is normal which some chocolate favour ice cream wrapped with a plain mochi.
The black sesame flavour is something special to me. It's very fragrant. A hint of black sesame in vanilla ice cream. (I guess they use vanilla ice cream)
Red bean flavour is normal. Nothing special.

A box contain 5 packets where in each packet there is 2 ice cream omochi.