During my trip to Hong Kong, I had tasted some delicious dim sum which the taste still linger in my mind. The most memorable one would be the taste of their siu mai. To satisfy my craving for dim sum, I paid my second visit to Fun Tea Garden as I got this RM50 cash voucher from a contest which organized by Criz.

We arrived there around 10++ am, and to my surprise most of the dim sum are sold out. The onwer of the restaurant told us that currently they are having a 50% promotion on the dim sum. The promotion starts at 7.30am. No wonder there's so little dim sum left when we arrived there. So, the early bird gets to eat the worm, huh?

We were left to very limited choices of dim sum, so we just ordered what's left.

The loh mai kai taste good. Previously I encountered some glutinous rice which were slightly uncooked. But they've improved it where the glutinous rice is very soft.

The porridge taste as good as my previous visit.

Kaya Pau and Tau Sar Pau. I like the kaya pau as it has the pandan kaya filling which is very fragrant. The filling is very generous for both pau.

Fried yam dumpling (wu kok) is too oily.

The big pau taste good with a generous filling. The meat is well marinated.

We have a short chat with the owner. According to him, they are going to launch a new promotion starting January. He's going to launch a 3 dishes and 1 soup lunch set for RM 3.50. That sound cheap. Nowadays economic rice is not that economic anymore. A plate of economic rice with 2 veges and 1 meat would cost at least RM4?

50% off for dim sum OR 3 dishes + 1 soup lunch set for RM3.50? Both of this can be obtained at Fun Tea Garden.

I'll be going back to try out their new set lunch soon.

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"What to eat tonight?" ... This is the question that we normally post to each other during dinner time. Normally for dinner, we would have hawker food cos it's just 2 of us. Eating out everyday for lunch and dinner could be very boring.

I went to this restaurant for lunch few days ago and their Pai Kut Ong Rice gave me a good impression. Although the price is slightly higher (RM5) but the portion is really big.

Since my bf likes to eat pai kut ong, off we go to Sin Hai Ben Seafood Restaurant which is located at Batu Maung.

The dishes we ordered arrived so quickly where the serving time is comparable to Ghee Seng TomYam Seafood.

Pai Kut Ong arrived first. The slices of meat are too thin, some are quite hard but some are tender. The meat are marinated, fried then served with sweet and sour sauce. Except the hard meat, others taste good.

I think the food quality is not very consistent as the pai kut ong that I had for lunch is very good with tender meat.

Stirred fried sweet potato leaves tasted too salty but the wok hei is there. We already feedback to the person in charge. He said we should have feedback to him earlier so that he can change a new one for us.

The last dish is tofu with mix vegetables. The gravy tasted pretty good but the tofu tasted a bit cold inside. Is it done purposely or...? But anyway, I prefer mine to be hot inside.

Map for those who are not familiar:

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Ho Ho Ho... Christmas is near! Have you bought a gift for your family and love one? ... Chocolates? Perfume? Cosmetic? Tie? Wallet? Belt? What would you buy?

But... gift is not that important afterall, right? Spend this holiday with your love ones... that's precious!

Here I would like to take this opportunity to wish my readers a wonderful Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I was being invited by Penang Tua Pui to a gathering cum food review at Dragon-i with the famous baker Big Boys Oven (BBO) and other bloggers. It was a great experience to dine with all of them. Thanks again to BBO for arranging the dinner!

Sid from BBO shared his blogging idea with us. It was very informative listening to him sharing on some blogging experiences and his thought.

We were first served with a few cold dishes. One of it was Chilled Chicken Marinated with 'Hua Diao' Wine. The chicken was steam to perfect timing which produce tender and smooth meat. The chicken was then chilled and served with hua diao wine. The small amount of wolf berries added some sweetness to the chicken.

Next up was Jelly Fish with Sesame Oil. This dish tasted quite mild where only sesame oil fragrant is present. The jelly fish is crunchy where you'll like to chew on it more.

The Shanghainese Smoked Fish tasted a bit hard. And the sauce is slightly too sweet to my liking.

Their signature dish Shanghainese Steamed Meat Dumpling (xiao lung bao) never disappoint me every time I visit this restaurant. A good amount of soup is conceal underneath the dumpling skin. This dumpling is to be eaten with shredded ginger in vinegar.

The Sauteed Shrimp in Sichuan Style was served in a garlicky sweet and sour sauce. I am not a big fan of prawn.

Deep Fried Crispy Duck was served with popiah skin, cucumber and spring onions. The way to eat this dish is to wrap the duck, cucumber and spring onion with a popiah skin together with some sauce. The piece of duck I ate was quite dry. I think it's because I took the breast part.

Shanghainese Braised Pork Belly with Beancurd Leaves is the one dish that I resisted to put into my mouth due to the thick layer of fats attached to the meat. The meat and the gravy taste a bit sweet. I tried a small piece of the non-fat meat, and this is why I can tell how it taste like.

This dish was to be eaten with Deep Fried Man Tau. Dipped the man tau into the braised pork belly sauce and savour the soft man tau.

Braised Mushroom with Mixed Vegetable was served to neutralise the fatty pork. The chinese cabbage is soft and coated with scallop gravy.

Next up was another signature dish of this restaurant which is la mian. Fried La Mian with Black Pepper Chicken was served. The noodle is fried to the right timing which leave the texture to be quite QQ with a strong black pepper taste.

After the main dishes, it's dessert time! We were served with 2 types of desserts. The first was Souffle Egg White Ball with Red Bean Paste and Banana. The red bean filling is over generous for me as I feel that it's too sweet although I'm a sweet tooth person.

The 2nd dessert was mango dessert. A few types of fruits (dragon fruit, watermelon, honeydew and pamelo) were served with some mango puree and sago. I love this dessert as the mango puree was sweet and cooling.

Big Boys Oven bought us some desserts made by them too. It's simply wonderful to be able to taste their macarons and california (if I remember the name correctly).

I've been drooling and wondering how the macarons would taste like when I read them blogged about making macarons. Now, I can taste it out myself. So happy!

They baked us 2 types of flavour which were hazelnut and almond. The macarons taste a bit too sweet for me, but according to Sunny that's the optimum amount of sugar to be blended in. I like the hazelnut flavour macarons as it has a strong hazelnut aroma. I am a great fan of hazelnut.

As for the California, the cake is soft and in between there are some salty butter.

Overall it's a satisfying dinner with Big Boys Oven and other bloggers.

Some random shots to share:

** The picture illustrated could be different if you were to dine at Dragon-i on the same dishes as this were designed to suit a group of 10 people dining.

Does the title sound weird to you? salty tang yuen?
This is how my family cook tang yuen apart from the normal tang yuen in sugar syrup.

Here I would like to share how my family will eat tang yuen on this day. We normally will cook some salty tang yuen for lunch on Dong Zhi day.

We would boil some soup with chicken, pork and dried squid. Then we will cook the tang yuen and put them into the soup with some corriander leaves and it's ready to be eaten.

Here's my bowl of salty tang yuen.

The corriander leaves added fragrant into the soup. Normally I'll add some pepper into my bowl of tang yuen to add more fragrant into it.

Again, I would like to wish all my readers Happy Dong Zhi!

Tomorrow, December 21st is the day where Chinese celebrate Winter Solstice (Dong Zhi).

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my readers Happy Dong Zhi !

This tang yuen was made by my aunt for tomorrow prayer.

Gurney Drive is one of the landmark for Penang Tourism. I remember during my visits to Penang when I was small (I am not Penang Lang), my uncle will brought us eat at Gurney Drive. We enjoy so much as we saw so many types of food for us to choose from.

Now I'm working in Penang, I like to eat at Gurney drive still. But I only eat from a few specific stalls. The stall that I like is Fried Lok Lok.

You can choose your favourite ingredients and the stall owner will deep fried it on the spot for you.

I chose some seafood tofu, fish ball, meat ball, taiwan sausages and squids. The squids taste good as the batter used to fried the squid is fragrant with some pepper taste.

Here are some shots of what is available for you to choose.

The sauce to dip your fried items in. There are satay sauce and normal chili sauce.

Normally I'd have a bowl of laksa to go with my fried items. But on my visit that day, I spotted this char koay teow (ckt) stall. It's written The Cantonment Road Famous ckt and it attracted me. The ckt taste good with the wok hei fragrant and it's not too oily. I noticed that you can order the special ckt which cost RM 9. I guess the special one is the one with added big prawns. But my favourite ckt would still be Ah Leng ckt which mantis prawns will be added for a special plate of ckt.

My bf ordered wan tan mee. It taste normal, but the dark soy sauce is slightly too much to my liking.
And not forgetting rojak as our dessert. We bought it from stall #77. I found that the rojak has too little grounded peanuts. I like mine with lots of grounded peanuts to goes with the shrimp paste. Taste wise, ok.
The drink (leng chi kang) tasted too bland.

Map for those who are not familiar:

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