Hie, I am Allie.

I eat when I am happy and I eat even more when I'm unhappy. I luv chocolate, ice cream and desserts. Hahaha... I live to eat.

My passion for photography just bloom, so I started a photoblog (http://dimoment.blogspot.com/) to share my work. I like to shot on nature, flowers, wedding and food of course.

This avatar is created by PenangTuaPui as a compliment for me as I am their guest contributor.

Ah Leng char koay teow. I believe Penang folks are familiar with this stall. It is located opposite Honolulu Cafe.

This stall is famous for its char koay teow as it is served with big fresh prawn and also mantis prawn for the 'Special Char Koay Teow' which cost RM8. A normal one will cost RM4.50 illustrated below.

I am not too fancy of prawn, so I requested the uncle to use mantis prawn instead of prawn for my normal char koay teow. When it was served, mm... looks too normal for its price of RM 4.50. But when I taste it, wow! It tasted so special. The mantis prawn can be hardly found in the char koay teow, but nevermind that... the taste is so good! :-)

Will definitely order this when I visit him again. :)

Kia Kia

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It was a windy night...We went to a beach. A friend brought his pet along - a puppy named Kia Kia. Its fur is very soft and fluffy. This puppy is so cute and it's addicted to beer! haha... Actually it's my bf's friend who fed it with beer... :-) , and since then it become addicted to it. :-p

Kia Kia is licking beer from the can. It seems so addicted to the beer that it keep on licking at the can even after we dumped the finished can aside.

Kia Kia is drinking his beer from a plastic bag. :-)

Since Kia Kia got so addicted to beer, my bf's friend poured some beer into a plastic bag and fed it. haha...

At the end of this outing Kia Kia's body is full of sand . As it was quite late, his master didn't clean him up but just put him back into its cage. Surprise! In the morning, Kia Kia's body is clean! It licked itself clean. :)


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Yeap! This is my first time of blogging. I've been reading other people's blog for quite sometime and I find it's very fun to blog. :-p

I find that blogs on food, travel and life is very interesting. Now I'm trying to start one and I'm spending my time to explore the options in blogspot.