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It's been a long holiday and I just back to Penang 2 days ago. I spent this holiday at my hometown where no internet access is available in my house. That's the reason why I left my blog untouched. But I guess not many people read blogs during CNY. Mm... that's a good reason for me to be lazy. No la... not lazy la... relax myself ma...

Let me bring you to Auto City for dinner this time. We went to Harry B1, a Korean Charcoal BBQ Restaurant. This restaurant is located next to Sakae Tepanyaki where I got my birthday treat from my aunt.

The entrance of the restaurant is decorated with big pieces of glass which allows you to enjoy the view outside while you are BBQueing your food.

The inside of the restaurant is arranged with wooden tables and chairs. There are individual fume extractor on top of each tables. This is to ensure you don't smell like a grilled meat when you walk out from this restaurant. :p

We were first served with Banchan; small plates of Kimchi, pickled vegetables and other side dishes. I am not a fan of Kimchi though. But there's one dish which I like. The one sitting at bottom left; it's some fish cake.

The steam egg arrived shortly after the Banchan was served. This was not in my order list, I think it's compliment. The egg was slightly over cooked but taste wise was pretty good. The egg was not as smooth as the one I had in Tsuruya.

We ordered Marinated Pork Ribs. The minimum of the order is 2 sets, the portion was quite small actually. Wish it would be a bigger portion.

Nicely BBQ meat grilled by my cousin sisters. The meat tasted slightly sweet and very fragrant. The meat was tender.

The charcoal used are kinda special. There's a hole in the centre of each hexagon shaped charcoal.

Grilled meat wrapped with fresh lettuce and make a bite sized sandwich.

Kimchi Pancake was too oily for my tastebud. The batter used are like the one in fried oyster (oh chien). It's mixed with chopped kimchi and fried. The pancake tasted averagly sour and spicy.

Deep Fried Pork was ordered by my younger cousin brother. Kids like fried food huh. The fried pork was too dry and tasteless.

A bowl of soup and BBQ sauce came together with the Deep Fried Pork set. The soup was too salty for me while the BBQ sauce did not go well with the fried pork.

Soybean Paste Stew tasted like miso soup to me but there was a hint of spicy taste in it. Enoki mushroom, potato and clams are used to cook the soup. I feel that this dish is slightly over priced as the ingrdients used are normal.

More pictures:


View here for larger map.

Chinese New Year is just 2 days away. Everyone is preparing for this festival; making cookies, decorating their house, buying new clothes and etc.

End of year of Rat is not that pleasing where those who work in semiconductor related industries are badly affected by shut down, pay cut, retrenchment and vss.

Hope in the Year of Ox, economy will start to bloom again and we won't have to worry for our employment.

I will be driving back to my hometown today. Before I leave, I would like to wish all my readers a Happy & Prosperous Moo Year! Enjoy the festival and holiday with your family and friends.

If you are traveling to Penang during this CNY, char koay teow, hokkien mee, laksa and rojak are the must try local food.

Enjoy this holiday season !

24 hours 7-Eleven, 24 hours KFC, 24 hours Mc D are familiar to us but 24 hours Wan Tan Mee? When I first heard about this, it was quite hard for me to believe it.

This stall operates by a 73 years old man and his wife. His wife operates the stall from 7am - 1pm, and the old man takes over then. The only off day is Tuesday night.

He has been operating the stall for ~ 50 years. According to him, he plan to operate the stall for another 2 years.

The stall owner in action making some wan tan for us.

A plate of wan tan mee with very simple presentation, just a few slices of char siew on top. The noodle is QQ and fragrant with lard taste.
The noodle use is slightly different from Thong Kee noodle. This one is thinner and QQ while Thong Kee one has crunchy feeling.

The vegetable was serve separately with some dark soy sauce. I felt that the dark soy sauce is a bit too much, therefore the vegetable is slightly salty.

A bowl of wantan soup where the wantan cost only 10cent /pc of wantan. The soup base and the meat for the wantan are quite bland. But where to get 10 cent / pc of wan tan nowdays.

The fried wantan is very crispy. The uncle will deep fry the fried wantan again before it's served to us.

This stall is located inside the food court in Tanjung Bunga Market. At night time, this is the one and only stall operating.
Map for those who are not familiar:
View here for larger map.

Joo Leong Cafe is a famous place where many people working in FIZ area will take their breakfast here.

This coffee shop is located on the way to Penang Airport, but it's barely noticeable if you were driving along the way. But you can always spot the long stretched cars parking by the road side, all those are their customers.

This coffee shop is famous for it's toasted bread (roti bakar) and half boiled egg. While waiting for our bread and egg to be served, we grabbed a packed of economic noodle to fill our hungry stomach.

It tasted pretty normal. Nothing much to brag about.

The toasted bread with a layer of butter spread on top.
The method to eat this toasted bread is to sprinkle some sugar on top of the bread and dip it into the half boiled egg. It taste havenly... (This is strictly for those who like half boiled egg. For those who don't, I think they will feel disgusting)

This coffee shop open daily from early morning until 11++, closed on Monday.

Map for those who are not familiar.

View here for larger map.

Ah Leng char koay teow (ckt) is another famous stall of ckt which is located opoosite Honolulu Cafe along Jalan Dato Keramat.

The big sized prawn and mantis prawn is the top selling point of this ckt.

As usual the stall owner is helped out by his lovely daugther.

We normally order a bowl of hokkien mee to ease our hungry stomach while waiting for our plate of ckt.

The hokkien mee taste very normal. The soup base is taste average and the chili is not too spicy.

I think we chose the wrong day to visit this stall as the number of people who were there for ckt were a lot more than usual. That was a weekend with long holiday. We observed that most of the customers were visitors.
End up we had waited for 45 mins for our ckt. That was the longest I've waited. Luckily we had the hokkien mee to ease our hunger.

When the ckt was served, to my disappointment there were only 2 big sized prawns. I used to have 3 big sized prawns during my few last visits there. Wondering why...

Anyway the taste remain good. The prawns were big and succulent.

My plate of ckt with mantis prawn instead of normal prawn. There were few big chunks of mantis prawns.

It tasted good but slightly different from the normal ckt with prawn. The mantis prawn added another type of fragrant into the ckt.

Business hour: 8.00 am - 2.00pm (Closed on Thursday)

You can order a normal type of ckt or a special one. The normal type (RM 4.50) is like the one we've ordered while the special (RM8.00) one would have big sized prawn together with mantis prawn. Additional 50 cent would be charged if you opt of duck egg instead.

It's consider rather pricey for ckt, but considering the big sized prawn we have nothing to say.

Map for those who are not familiar

View here for larger map.

JJ Cafe is located at the jetty where you can take your boat to Jerejak Island. I thought that this place serves western food, but to my astonishment it serves malay food. Malay food is not a problem for me as I like spicy food.

We ordered nasi lemak, curry mee and one finger food.

The food was served quite fast as we are the only people dining there. The presentation of the nasi lemak is normal, the rice is not in a bowl shape which I expected it should be presentated that way. To my disappointment, the rice was rather cold and lacked of coconut juice fragrant. The chili tasted more to sweet side. The chicken was something like soy sauce braised chicken which tasted very normal.

The soup of the curry mee was very thick, too thick for my liking. The yellow noodle was over cooked which left the texture to be very very soft. The cockles were over cooked. Overall, this curry mee did not suit my tastebud.

Chicken Samosa is something like curry puff except it used popiah skin instead of pastry as the outer layer. The filling was like the one inside curry puff, but lack of spiciness. One thing which I feel very weird is they served the snack with some chili sauce.

One thing that I like about this place is the magnificent view of Penang Bridge, beach and sea. It's a very great place to have a cup of coffee and a little chat with your friend or love one.

Since it's just located by the sea side, you can feel the cool breeze sweeping by your face when you are relaxing while enjoying the view.

The jetty which lead you to your boat if you wish to 'sail' to the nearby island.
Map for those who are not familiar

View here for larger map