It's been a very long time since the last time I cooked simple dishes. Reason is due to I've been renting a room and the kitchen utensils is incomplete. Therefore I only cook instant mee. Hehe. Unhealthy.

I decided to cook some simple food that will not leave my kitchen in a big mess. We decided to have a fried rice, a vege and some fishball.

I've added luncheon meat, sausage, fishball, chicken meatball and some beans into the fried rice. Overall, the add ons is much more than the rice. Haha. Taste: Average. Slightly oily.

We bought some fishball from Jusco, and just steam it to served with our fried rice.

Since the four season bean is too much if I put them all in the fried rice, I decided to stir fried it. I intend to prepare a dish similar to the one I had in 113 Fried Porridge Shop. Here's what I've prepare. The outlook is quite similar with the one I had but the taste is far from it. I've forgotten the dried shrimp. hahaha. Overall the taste is slightly too sweet. I think it's because of I've put too much dried raddish.
Will definitely have another round of try out and hopefully the taste will be better. Haha.

Yeah! Finally the internet access in my house is available. :-D
Can blog whenever I feel like and not only have to wait till I'm back at office.

Whenever I thought of Hainan Chicken Rice (HCR), I'll think of my aunt who stays at Johor. She's married to a Hainanese. She cooked tasty HCR.

Wen Chang HCR served traditional Hainanese CR. There are some newspaper posts sticked on the wall inside the shop. It tells the story of the background of this shop and the owner.
This had also been blogged by CK Lam few days ago. He also blog about other food along Cintra Street like Yau Chai Kuai, dumpling, Cantonese biscuits, dim sum, curry chee cheong fun and a lot more. Yummy.

This shop serves white chicken, roast chicken, loh bak and also eggs. We ordered roast chicken and 2 loh bak.

For my liking, the roasted chicken taste average. Nothing special.

The loh bak is nice. :-) Hehe... dunno how to describe. Anyone can help?

The chicken rice is come with a bowl of dried vegetable soup.

Yeah! And the rice. I like the rice of HCR. It's slighty oily and also very fragant. Is the rice cooked with butter?
I also like the chilli. It's mixed with some grinded ginger. According to the newspaper post on the wall, they are using the traditional grinder to grind the ginger.

I think this is one kind of traditional grinder.

Overall the meal is satisfying.

This is the hotel that I've stayed for a few days during my training at Singapore.

Before I went there, I surfed through the hotel website. From the website, the hotel looks nice. Anyway, I didn't put high expectation for the hotel. As long as it's clean and comfortable, then it's very good for me. But, I was kinda disappointed when I went into the room.

Okay, first of all, the lights are too dim. I didn't get the 'comfortable' feeling when I stepped into the room. I was feeling weird. There are dust on the kettle. Hmm... bad impression. There are 2 single beds in the room. The first thing that I did is put all my luggages on the other bed. Cos, I've heard a few stories that if the other bed is unoccupied, some other 'things' may sleep on it.
Haha. I didn't take any pictures of the room cos I worry something extra may appear in the pics I took. Yaya.. maybe I've been thinking too much.

I didn't sleep well in the room. I slept with some lights on. And I woke up a few times in the middle of the night. It's not that I wanna go to toilet, I just woke up fr my sleep.

I hv very limited access to internet when I was in SG. Miss my blogging so much. Hehe...

Pisang goreng. Yummy Yummy. This has been blogged by Penang Tua Pui . This stall is located at the roundabout of Jalan Free School.

We visited this stall last weekend, but we only bought 4 pisang for 2 of us. We aim for fried tapioca and fried cempedak. But unfortunately, both also not available. Anyway, we manage to buy the Pisang after waited for 15 minutes. But worth waiting la!

As normally the pisang finish early, so we feel fortunate when we are able to get it.

Loh Hup Kee Famous Chicken Leg - This is what written on the stall.

This chicken leg ?? ... hmm... I think chicken feet is more appropiate. Ok, this chicken feet stall was previously located at 'yi tiao lor' aka 2nd road where the area is named Chun Man Yuan. Due to the area will be developed, the hawkers there have no choice but to find a new place for business.

Normally the chicken feet (CF) is fried then only is cooked. As for this CF, it's not fried at first. The CF is smooth and soft. The gravvy is very tasty.

Next is steam chicken. This one is similar to Ipoh 'Lou Wong' Bean Sprout Chicken. The chicken is steam with a very good timing where the meat texture is very smooth. It's served with soy sauce. Very simple dish yet delicious.

As usual, we will order the CF, chicken and also fried mee + bihun. This is the 'set' that we always order when we visit this shop. The fried bee + bihun taste normal.

Total cost for this set is RM19.00. I am not sure the price for each individual dish as we always order this set. hehe

p/s: The chicken is served with this sauce. But the taste is so so nia. Normally I didn't take it.

After a great dinner with YH, we walked walked in Qbay. Then continue our gathering at Coffee Bean.

She had a cup of Mocha Latte and myself had a cup of Vanilla Latte. I luv latte.

We've order a cake to share - Tripple Decker Cheesecake.

The first layer (bottom to top) is classic cheesecake. At the bottom of the classic cheesecake, I feel that the layer like some buttered biscuit, but it doesn't taste like digestive biscuit.

Second layer is mocha cheesecake and the top layer is oreo cheese.

For the bottom layer of classic cheesecake, it taste slightly sour and the cheese taste is not too heavy. The mocha layer is rich with mocha taste and yet there is a hint of sour taste. As for the top layer, the oreo cheese... mm... there's only a hint of oreo taste. On top of the cake, I think it is spread with some oreo biscuits crumble. Overall this cake taste good, not too sweet.

It has been quite sometime since my last visit to Sakae Sushi. Hmm... I think almost half a yr already.

Just a while after we are seated, I found that Sakae Sushi had changed to a new set of menu. *paiseh*. I think that they must have changed to this menu for quite sometime since I found some torn pieces in the menu.

We've ordered Hana Maki, Chuka Hotate, Kakiage (Vegetable Tempura), Fried Tofu, Kizami Unagi and Soft Shell Crab Temaki.
Hana Maki is sushi wrap with raw salmon and topped with mayonise. Taste good.
Chuka Hotate; my favourite. A must order everytime I visit Sakae Sushi. It's the marinated frills of scallop. Taste slightly sweet ad spicy.
Kakiage - Vegetable tempura; consist of carrots, onions, capsiums and brinjal. It's only cost RM 1.90 and serve good as snack.

Next round is Fried Tofu, Kizami Unagi and Soft Shell Crab Temaki.
The Fried Tofu is also a must order. The tofu is topped with some sweet sauce (kinda like the one served with unagi) and the texture is very soft. Price only RM 1.90, very worth.
Kizami Unagi - something new for me. I've just discovered this in the new menu. The topping is chopped unagi which taste slightly sweet. I like his new dish!

The above dish ar, I also dunno what's the name. But I've asked the waitress. According to her it's some Japanese bean. But it taste terrible - the bean taste like it've turned sour and it's sticky. The stickiness is shown in second picture. This sushi make my friend wanna vomit. I only eat one bean, but also can't stand the taste.

The last dish is Salmon Kamaage. The salmon is fried then served. The meat is soft and the skin is slightly crunchy. Very aromatic. A picture is more than 10,000 of words. My chopstick is faster than my camera. *paiseh* Hehehe.

Overall, a very satisfying dinner. Somemore this dinner is for my friend farewell. She resigned from the company where both of us used to work in. After I changed job, we haven't meet until that day. So, we hv lots of things to chat on.

All The Best in your new job, YH!

As mentioned, I've moved into my new house. And guess what... my house is yet to have internet access. According to streamyx personal they need ~ 2 weeks to get all da installation done.

And, all this days I've been blogging at office. Yeah ~~ shh.. hh.. don't let my boss know... hehe.

Luckily I am still new here and not much work pending for me. :)
So, I can spend my time blog hopping and blogging.

This company provides lots of freedom in internet access, not like my previous company where the IT dept block most of the website. Boring!

Happy Blogging!

I've revisited 113 Fried Porridge Shop last week. Went there with my bf's parents. So I didn't get to take any pics. What a waste. *sigh*

Since there are 4 of us, we decided to order a few dishes and hv some rice. Erm... let me recall my memory. We ordered the Black Four Season Bean, Shark Meat Curry, Tofu and The Pork stirred fried with ginger and spring onion.

We wanna recommend the Black Four Season Bean to his parents. But to my disappointment the chef's performance is not consistent. The sauce is slightly liquid compare to the first time we dine there. And the dried shrimp and the 'choi bo' (pronounce in Cantonese) is less. It makes the dish less tasty.

Shark meat curry - the meat testure is good but the curry is slightly thick. And a bit too spicy to my liking. It covers up other aroma.

The Tofu - I forgot exactly what is the name of this dish. The tofu is fried then is served with some soya sauce. For me the tofu is ok. The tofu is soft. But they doesn't really like is cos they feel that the outer layer is quite hard.
Actually I wanted to order the Yunnan Tofu recommended by Criz Lai but my bf's mother wanted a dish with some gravy. So, I can't get to taste it. But definetely I will visit this shop again to try other dishes.

And finally pork stirred fried with ginger and spring onion. It's not the normal type of pork. I forgot what's the name of this pork. This kind of pig normally can be found in the jungle. Anyone can tell me what's called? This dish is tasty. The texture of the pork is not too hard. Recommended.

Total cost = RM 29.xx (exclusive of drinks). It's consider cheap.

* Although the serving portion is small, but it's enough for 4. :-)

Yeah! Finally after 3 days of hardwork in housekeeping, my new house is clean. :-) But my whole body is aching. :-(

As posted before, this house is fully furnished. mmm... after rearrange of the sofa set, tv cabinet and coffee table, the feeling that I have for this house is ... it's more to classic or 'outdated'. Haha. Why did I say so? Lets see the sofa set:

See... the colour and the design... dark brown leather. :-p Nowadays, people normally buy a L-shape sofa, but the previous owner bought a 3+2+1 sofa set. The sofa set is too big to fit into a condo.

Now come the TV cabinet. Haiyo ... it can't even fit well to the wall because there's a part which protruded out from the wall. Can't understand why the previous owner bought it. Seems like he never measure the dimension before be bought all da furnitures.

End up we decided to move this TV cabinet into the study room and utilized the coffee table as 'TV cabinet'. See the design of the TV cabinet and the coffee table... so 'classic' = outdated. :-p

Since all the furnitures are very new, we decided to use it. Wont be buying any new one.

*sob* I'm longing for new sofa set, TV cabinet and coffee table...