Read thru Criz Bon Appetite regarding the Moonlight Hor Fun. ( I am so exicted about it cos I have always wanted to eat Moonlight Hor Fun but it's so hard to be found at Penang (or maybe I do not know the right place). I hv eaten very delicious Moonlight Hor Fun at KL. From that day onwards, I've luv this dish so much.

We visited this shop; Seong Iping Cafe @ 113 Fried Porridge Shop the night after I've read Criz's blog. Feel so exicted when I go thru the menu as they are so many dishes that look so tempting to me. We ordered 3 dishes, 2 of them were recommended by Criz which is Moonlight Hor Fun, Black Four Season Bean. The 3rd dish is Sambal Mee.

After waiting for a while, Sambal Mee was first served. The outlook look like normal Indian mee goreng. We were slightly disappointed. But first mouthful, it's WOW! There's curry taste in the mee and it taste spicy. But after a few mouthful, it tasted a bit sweet. Overall, it's delicious! Price is reasonable, RM3.50.

Next served is the Black Four Season Bean. When we eat the bean alone, it tasted slighty plain. To fully savor this dish, we must eat the bean with the dried shrimp and 'chai bo'. Yes, the bean is stir fried with dried shrimp and 'chai bo'. 'Chai bo' ... mm... I forgot the English name for is. I think it's dried raddish. Yummy yummy... :-)

Finally, the main dish of the night was served - Moonlight Hor Fun. When the waitress served the Hor Fun, I was shocked as I didn't see the "moon" on top of the Hor Fun. Then I confirmed with the waitress, that we ordered Moonlight Hor Fun. She apologised and bring the Hor Fun back to the kitchen. A moment later, she's out with the Moonlight Hor Fun. Must be they just crack an egg on top of it.

mmm... overall the taste of this dish is good. But it's slightly different from the one that I had at KL long time ago. :-p I am going to visit this shop again for other dishes!

Yeah! A new outlook for my blog. Finally able to create another sidebar at the right side :-)
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I realised that blogging is a lot more than just writting. I hv lots to learn.

Happy blogging to all bloggers!!!

I would like to share this experience with people so that you can be careful when you're alone on the road especially ladies. This happened to me a few months ago when I have not start blogging yet.

One night around 9pm, I was driving alone back from Prai to Penang. Suddenly a motorist came from the back and keep on honking at me. Then he bypass me and keep on pointing at my car in a very urgent manner. I thought something was wrong with my car. He ride his motor along my car for quite sometime and keep on pointing. I paid no heed to him. Then he was ahead of me.

I worry something happen to my car so I plan to stop by road shoulder to hv a quite look. Just after I lighted my signal and slow down, the motorist turned back. I was driving on a one way road. Why he turned back??! I got scare, I off my signal and I continued my journey. He was riding his motorbike coming towards me. He keep on pointing at my car again. I was really worry something was wrong with my car, so I wind down my window a bit (around one inch gap), and asked him "what"? Then he said, "Tayar kereta awak berasap (smoke is coming from your tyre)". Then straight away I wind up my window and I continue my journey without stopping my car to look at my tyre.

I keep on looking at the rear mirror to make sure the motorist is not tailing me. But still I worry so much about my tyre, scare that it'll explode halfway. After I passed Penang Toll, I saw a few car stopped at the road shoulder. So, I decided to stop my car and hv a quick look at my tyre. As expected, nothing's wrong with my tyre. I got into my car quickly, lock the door and drive back to my house asap. I was shivering all the way until I reached home.

I can't imagine what will happen to me if I stop my car when the motorist turned back.

So, my friend out there, please be careful. Even if someone bang your car at the back, do not stop but drive straight away to police station. Better be safe than sorry.

Everytime I pass this restaurant when I go shopping at Queensbay Mall, the thing that always popped up in my mind is "pancake as main course"? Wouldn't the taste be so weird. I always feel that pancake should be serve as dessert - sweet sweet pancake. Therefore, I never thought to dine at this restaurant.

But, after I read the food blog regarding the food in Paddington house in Lingzie Tummy Treats (, I decided to give it a try. As usual, we go to Qbay Mall for shopping. And always end up with the same problem which is we can't figure out what to eat. Suddenly thought of Paddington House of Pancakes, so we decided to give it a try.

First glance at the menu, the price for the food is quite expensive. There are so many choices which I can't make up my mind which one to choose. End up, we decided to choose one main course and one dessert pancake. We order the one with gourment sausage as recommended by Lingzie and another is ... pancake with banana and ice-cream. I forgot the name of the dish.

First came the sausage. Smell so tasty :-) It's served with hash potato & chicken ham.
I dig my knife into the sausage. Wow! Melting cheese was oozing from the sausage. It was so tasty. The pancake taste like bread fried with eggs. The pancake alone taste normal to me but the sausage taste very good!

Then came our dessert. Pancake + banana + ice-cream. It's served with some honey. The pancake texture is so soft and the aroma of the pancake is so fragrant. I love this pancake. It's nice even I eat it on it's own. The ice-cream has peanut butter flavour. Awesome! When you eat the pancake with the ice-cream, it's heavenly. The feeling is like the peanut butter is inside the pancake.

Overall, I like the food there. I will definitely go back and try more. Pancakes... !! I'm coming!!!

She's the most inconsiderate lady that I've met. I met her after one of my housemate move out and we need to find a replacement. She looks fine to us (me + my another housemate). But things turn bad and very bad after she moved in.

Bad things started in the toilet. The one that I share with her. She never clean the toilet. I bear with her and everytime I clean it. She put all her skin care and body care at the top of the basin until I hv no space even I wanna turn the knob for the tap. Sigh... I didn't even say a word regarding this to her. Thought she'll realised it.

After a few months she stays with us, my another housemate and I had a chat. Let's name my another housemate as Flower and the inconsiderate lady as Spider. In the middle of the chatting session, we talked about Spider. Fr the conversation I just realised that Spider had created so much things that annoys Flower. Just to name a few here:

1. Spider has a very bad habit which is she always close any door with a loud bang! She wakes Flower up early in the morning.
2. She always left the plates and utensils dirty even after she washed it.
3. She never wash the table cloth after she used it. She left the table cloth with the rubbish she wiped out from the table.
4. She never throw the rubbish she'd thrown in the dustbin even after a few weeks. Stench smell are emitting fr the rubbish. *vomit*
5. She never lift up the toilet seat everytime after she used it. And she always left it in wet condition.
6. She never sweep or mop the floor. But she always make a mess in the living room and kitchen.

Sigh... this is only a few of her bad habits which really annoys Flower and me. I only hope I can only move into my new house soon. I hv no more patience to stay with Spider anymore.