It was raining cats and dogs that Friday night and we were hunting for dinner. Our planning was Miyako Izakaya which was located at Penang Road but the parking is not convenient at all. I'm sure we'll be drench in that heavy rain. So, changed plan again.

Round and round we went, and we came to Ribs. There's a spot for parking just right outside the restaurant, so we delay no more and decided to dine there.

Once we got our car parked, there's a waiter came out with umbrella to guide us into the restaurant without getting wet. OMG! Good impression.

Once we are seated in the non-smoking area, the waiter produced us with menu. He showed his uttermost good manner when he served us all the way through our dinner. Good impression again!

To avoid being stuffed until too full, we decided to order one appetizer, one main course and one drink to share among 2 of us.

Quesadillas - very hard to pronouce. It's a thin crust pastry stuffed with some cheese, tomato, lettuce and ham. It tasted so appetizing and it's packed with all those ingredients. Yummy dish!

We ordered a combo of BBQ ribs and chicken as our main course. It contain 3 pcs of ribs and 1 pcs of drumstick. The ribs is very tender and the BBQ sauce taste just right. I prefer the ribs and then chicken.

Ice blended cappuccino - Taste good. Coffee taste is thick enough.

After the main course, my mouth is icthy for dessert. Hehe... At first I planned to order a moist chocolate cake, but the waiter recommend Medley of Desserts to us. According to him, there are 3 types of desserts in this Medley thing.
When the dessert was served, I was shocked to see the size of it. It was like the food served in Alice in Wonderland. So tiny.

Forgot the name for this. But taste bad. The egg is so hard.A mini version of the moist chocolate cake. It's just one mouthful big. Another surprise for me when I put the cake into my mouth. It tasted warm... I think they must have preheat the cake in a oven before it was served. The cake is hard. Taste bad again.
Lastly, it's a sago gula melaka dessert. But I can't recall the exact name of it. There are 3 layers in this dessert, vanilla ice-cream, gula melaka and sago (from top to bottom). The opening of the 'tube' is so small that you can't even dig the small spoon into it. End up we need to pour the sago out. Taste wise- *thumbs down*
The desserts was disaster!
p/s: UOB credit card member can get a 10% discount off the ala carte meal.

After the trishaw egg tart, we continue our food hunting. Ran out of idea d... suddenly thought of this coffee shop opposite Peng Hwa Secondary School which is famous for its laksa. So, off we go for laksa!

But to my disappointment, the laksa standard deteriorate ler... It tasted so sweet even I added some chili padi into it. Is it because of too much shrimp paste or the pineapple taste too sweet?
Never tried the curry mee here although I often visit this coffee shop. Let's give it a try. Hmm.. taste wise. Too normal. Nothing special to brag on. The coconut juice taste is too heavy for my liking.
And finally char koay teow (ckt). This is how my bf like his ckt - without the taugeh. But I like mine with extra taugeh. Haha... totally opposite. The ckt taste good with 3 average size prawn served. Full of wok hei.

We were extremely full after the visit to this coffee shop. The popiah and the kuih talam is nice too, but my stomach is too full. Hmm... wonder can we win penangtuapui?

We were looking something to fill our stomach on one Sunday evening. We had brunch, so we were not hungry until it's evening.
From Bayan Lepas, we drove to Armenian Street for koay teow teng. The stall was closed. Aiyo... Our stomach is crying for food ler...
Then we changed our mind to Fish Ball Koay Teow Teng at Burmah Road. And that day was really a bad days for us. The shop was closed too.

Nearby the fish ball koay teow teng shop, this Trishaw Egg Tart caught our attention. Other than egg tart, there were other delicacies such as kaya puff, mini egg tarts, siew pau, yam puff, cream puff and mini chicken tart.

As we were very hungry, we decided to dine in with a few types of pastry before continue with our food hunting. In the restaurant, there are a few tables and chairs which is not really meant for customer. This is the feeling that I get due to most of the tables and chairs are occupied by the owner's relatives, kids and friends. I think most people choose to take away.

Egg tarts.. my favourite.
This trishaw egg tart has a very old history. The owner used to sell egg tarts using a trishaw during the good ol' days.
Kaya Puff. Not bad. The pastry is not too thick and quite crispy too. The pandan kaya filling is adequate.

Kochabi Siew Pau. Taste good.

Yam puff. Taste good and too oily. Normally I don't like yam puff due to it's usually oily.
And here comes the egg tart. Taste good. The pastry is fluffy and the egg filling is soft. It's a good place to stop by for tea time snacks.

I believe this is a very common place for most Penangnites. A very famous place to have roti canai as breakfast. It's located near the old main police station along Transfer road.

The stall and the dining tables are stretch along a few buildings just by the road side. Lots of people eat here, so you have to wait patiently for your roti canai to be served.

While waiting for my roti canai, I've order 2 half boiled egg and roti bakar as my 'appetizer'. This roti bakar stall is just located next to the roti canai stall and the owner will walk around to take order from the roti canai customer.

My favourite - half boiled egg with some pepper and soy sauce.

Roti bakar with some butter and kaya. I still prefer mine with butter and lots of sugar sprinkle on top (the one at Sg. Tiram of course)

The roti bakar is prepared in a way as what you'd do with satay.

You can also opt for your half boiled egg to be served on top of your roti bakar.

After waited for quite sometimes, finally my main course arrived. Roti canai served with chicken curry and lamb curry. The roti canai is slightly crispy.
Lamb curry is very spicy while the lamb meat is very tender. The best part is without any 'lamb smell'.
Curry chicken which tasted not as spicy as the lamb curry. I noticed that the curry chicken is mixed with dal curry. To me, this one tasted not as good as the lamb curry but still it's not bad.

This place is not suitable for those who are very hygiene conscious as this was served at road side. And you may notice that they used to stack one place on another when they serve you the roti canai. Hmm... but I just close one eye, not to think too much about being hygienic at this moment. Hehe

The 100% rebate sound interesting rite? You can get this at Swensen Queensbay. Pretty attractive promotions which lasts till 30th November. This promo only valid from Monday to Thursday.

We ordered one set dinner and one Ala ca rte.
Prawn dipper is one of the choices of appetizer of the set dinner. The size of the prawn dipper is quite small. Don't get cheated by my picture ya. hehehe

Although the size is tiny but the taste is good. Bits of prawn can be found inside.
BBQ half chicken was served with baked potato and vegetables. The chicken taste good, but when it come to breast, the meat is slightly dry. The served pumpkin as one of the vegetable, which is something new to me. Or they are running out of carrots? hehe...

Grilled fish with sambal. When I ordered this, I thought the fish would be topped with sambal then being grilled. But when the dish arrived, the sambal is served separately.

Anyway, it's a very delicious dish. The fish is slightly crispy on top and very tender and juicy inside. Even without dipping it into the sambal, it tasted so good.

A single scoop of vanilla ice-cream is the dessert for the set dinner. The ice cream is top with a layer of frozen chocolate.

It's dessert time. I ordered sticky chewy chocolate. This is very interesting for a chocolate fan like myself. Very thick chocolate flavour ice cream with some chocolate chip on top. Everything is chocolate. Even the cherry and the waffle is coated with chocolate.
We've spend Rm75++ for the dinner. Thus we got RM70 cash voucher which we can use during our next visits.

This place is a good choice when you are in a hurry. They serve the food fast and it's cheap too.

The food was served within 5 mins after we placed our order. Isn't that as fast as lightning?

We ordered tom yam fish fillet. So red in colour.

There are small pieces of fish and lots of chillies in the soup.
I don't know what fish they use but it's good. The meat is tender yet not too soft. But the amount is very little. Anyway, it's just 2 of us.Stirred fried belacan kangkung. One of my favourite dish. Although it's a simple dish, but it taste good.
This is recommended by the onwer, Chicken in basil leaves. The basil leave aroma is very light. Bird eye chili is used in this dish. Taste good too.
See the chillies in the tom yam soup. Makes you sweating man...

This restaurant is owned by a Siamese. It's quite a unique restaurant as you can find biscuits and tibbits here.
If you were coming from Bayan Lepas by Jelutong Highway, turn right after you pass thru a traffic light. This restaurant is located on your right hand side.

This dinner only cost RM 17.00. Isn't that cheap?

It's has been quite sometimes since my last visit to Teo Chew Meng. As we all know, the signature dish would be the mee suah kor and seafood porridge. So, it's time for revisit and I visited their outlet at Sunway Tunas.

As I've tried both of the signature dish, I would like to try something new. Flogger ma... must try something new then only can introduce new food to other people ma. Hehehe...

I ordered fish fillet tomyam and a curry chicken rice set. I think this curry chicken rice set is something new in the menu.
The outlook is quite impressive. But the taste is very disappointing. The soup is not hot and not spicy enough. Only sour taste is present. The fish fillet is very hard.

Curry chicken rice set looks very normal. The curry chicken also not hot. I wonder why? Taste is very normal. Nothing much to brag about.

There's one piece of chicken and 2 pcs of potato in the curry.This set come with a drink and a dessert (an option of ice cream and gui ling gao). Gui ling gao taste good.
We ordered this crab cake. Forgot the name. This one taste good. A combination of fish, prawn and crab meat in this dish.
Small crab shells are used to prepare this dish. So cute.

Overall I am very disappointed with the dinner. Maybe is because we 'ke gao gao' and order those funny funny dish?