Went to dine at Golden Triangle 2 days ago. This is a Indochine Restaurant where it served Thai, Vietnamese and Laotian cuisine. The environment is nice.

We ordered one dish from each cuisine. We order this Claypot Tang Hoon Crabs - Thai, Nam Prik Kai (Fried Minced Chicken with Lemongrass) - Laotian and Muc Nhoi Stuffed Squid - Vietanamese. At first wanna order the tapioca dessert recommended in LingZie's Tummy Treats (http://lingzie.com/the-golden-triangle-autocity-juru/) but to my disappointment the dessert was not available on that day. *sob*

First to intro the Claypot Tang Hoon Crabs. Mm... although this dish is a Thai cuisine but to my surprise it is not spicy at all. The tang hoon texture is just right, not to soft. The tang hoon is rich with the crab's flavour. And as published in LingZie's blog, the crab was pre-cracked, so it aint need a big fuss to get the meat.

Next came the Nam Prik Kai (Fried Minced Chicken with Lemongrass). This dish is spicy and I like the overall taste of the chicken. As mentioned in the dish name, the chicken were minced. Although the chicken qty is not much but you can definetely finish a bowl of rice with this dish as the sauce is heavenly.

Lastly came the Muc Nhoi Stuffed Squid. I think the squid is stuffed with chicken. The outer layer of the squid is slightly crispy. And the 'stuffed meat' inside the squid taste good. The meat texture is soft.

RM 88 for the dinner. Mmm.. the price consider reasonable.