Read thru Criz Bon Appetite regarding the Moonlight Hor Fun. ( I am so exicted about it cos I have always wanted to eat Moonlight Hor Fun but it's so hard to be found at Penang (or maybe I do not know the right place). I hv eaten very delicious Moonlight Hor Fun at KL. From that day onwards, I've luv this dish so much.

We visited this shop; Seong Iping Cafe @ 113 Fried Porridge Shop the night after I've read Criz's blog. Feel so exicted when I go thru the menu as they are so many dishes that look so tempting to me. We ordered 3 dishes, 2 of them were recommended by Criz which is Moonlight Hor Fun, Black Four Season Bean. The 3rd dish is Sambal Mee.

After waiting for a while, Sambal Mee was first served. The outlook look like normal Indian mee goreng. We were slightly disappointed. But first mouthful, it's WOW! There's curry taste in the mee and it taste spicy. But after a few mouthful, it tasted a bit sweet. Overall, it's delicious! Price is reasonable, RM3.50.

Next served is the Black Four Season Bean. When we eat the bean alone, it tasted slighty plain. To fully savor this dish, we must eat the bean with the dried shrimp and 'chai bo'. Yes, the bean is stir fried with dried shrimp and 'chai bo'. 'Chai bo' ... mm... I forgot the English name for is. I think it's dried raddish. Yummy yummy... :-)

Finally, the main dish of the night was served - Moonlight Hor Fun. When the waitress served the Hor Fun, I was shocked as I didn't see the "moon" on top of the Hor Fun. Then I confirmed with the waitress, that we ordered Moonlight Hor Fun. She apologised and bring the Hor Fun back to the kitchen. A moment later, she's out with the Moonlight Hor Fun. Must be they just crack an egg on top of it.

mmm... overall the taste of this dish is good. But it's slightly different from the one that I had at KL long time ago. :-p I am going to visit this shop again for other dishes!


  1. Criz Lai // Jun 27, 2008, 8:56:00 PM  

    So at least you did finally found what you wanted. The food there is quite ok except that they served a lot of their garlic Thai sauce for all their fried items.

    You can try out the set meals with one rice plus any dish in the menu. It's RM4.50 nett.

    By the way, you are planning to visit Claypot this weekend right? Just tell Ms. Tenny that you saw the review from my blog. She has been receiving quite a lot of new-turned-regular visitors from my review. :)

  2. Allie // Jun 30, 2008, 9:02:00 AM  

    haiya... no time to try out da Claypot cos been busy housekeeping my new house. Now my whole body ache...

    Will tell Ms. Tenny I saw your blog. Btw, if I say so, got any discount? hehe...
    Is Ms. Tenny the owner?