Everytime I pass this restaurant when I go shopping at Queensbay Mall, the thing that always popped up in my mind is "pancake as main course"? Wouldn't the taste be so weird. I always feel that pancake should be serve as dessert - sweet sweet pancake. Therefore, I never thought to dine at this restaurant.

But, after I read the food blog regarding the food in Paddington house in Lingzie Tummy Treats (http://lingzie.com/paddington-house-of-pancakes-queensbay-mall/), I decided to give it a try. As usual, we go to Qbay Mall for shopping. And always end up with the same problem which is we can't figure out what to eat. Suddenly thought of Paddington House of Pancakes, so we decided to give it a try.

First glance at the menu, the price for the food is quite expensive. There are so many choices which I can't make up my mind which one to choose. End up, we decided to choose one main course and one dessert pancake. We order the one with gourment sausage as recommended by Lingzie and another is ... pancake with banana and ice-cream. I forgot the name of the dish.

First came the sausage. Smell so tasty :-) It's served with hash potato & chicken ham.
I dig my knife into the sausage. Wow! Melting cheese was oozing from the sausage. It was so tasty. The pancake taste like bread fried with eggs. The pancake alone taste normal to me but the sausage taste very good!

Then came our dessert. Pancake + banana + ice-cream. It's served with some honey. The pancake texture is so soft and the aroma of the pancake is so fragrant. I love this pancake. It's nice even I eat it on it's own. The ice-cream has peanut butter flavour. Awesome! When you eat the pancake with the ice-cream, it's heavenly. The feeling is like the peanut butter is inside the pancake.

Overall, I like the food there. I will definitely go back and try more. Pancakes... !! I'm coming!!!