This is the hotel that I've stayed for a few days during my training at Singapore.

Before I went there, I surfed through the hotel website. From the website, the hotel looks nice. Anyway, I didn't put high expectation for the hotel. As long as it's clean and comfortable, then it's very good for me. But, I was kinda disappointed when I went into the room.

Okay, first of all, the lights are too dim. I didn't get the 'comfortable' feeling when I stepped into the room. I was feeling weird. There are dust on the kettle. Hmm... bad impression. There are 2 single beds in the room. The first thing that I did is put all my luggages on the other bed. Cos, I've heard a few stories that if the other bed is unoccupied, some other 'things' may sleep on it.
Haha. I didn't take any pictures of the room cos I worry something extra may appear in the pics I took. Yaya.. maybe I've been thinking too much.

I didn't sleep well in the room. I slept with some lights on. And I woke up a few times in the middle of the night. It's not that I wanna go to toilet, I just woke up fr my sleep.

I hv very limited access to internet when I was in SG. Miss my blogging so much. Hehe...