Whenever I thought of Hainan Chicken Rice (HCR), I'll think of my aunt who stays at Johor. She's married to a Hainanese. She cooked tasty HCR.

Wen Chang HCR served traditional Hainanese CR. There are some newspaper posts sticked on the wall inside the shop. It tells the story of the background of this shop and the owner.
This had also been blogged by CK Lam few days ago. He also blog about other food along Cintra Street like Yau Chai Kuai, dumpling, Cantonese biscuits, dim sum, curry chee cheong fun and a lot more. Yummy.

This shop serves white chicken, roast chicken, loh bak and also eggs. We ordered roast chicken and 2 loh bak.

For my liking, the roasted chicken taste average. Nothing special.

The loh bak is nice. :-) Hehe... dunno how to describe. Anyone can help?

The chicken rice is come with a bowl of dried vegetable soup.

Yeah! And the rice. I like the rice of HCR. It's slighty oily and also very fragant. Is the rice cooked with butter?
I also like the chilli. It's mixed with some grinded ginger. According to the newspaper post on the wall, they are using the traditional grinder to grind the ginger.

I think this is one kind of traditional grinder.

Overall the meal is satisfying.


  1. Little Inbox // Jul 29, 2008, 7:49:00 PM  

    The chili sauce plays a very important role in chicken rice. Ingredients must include ginger, garlic, lime juice, red chili, birds chili, light soy sauce,...

  2. CK Lam // Jul 30, 2008, 1:10:00 PM  

    The chili sauce goes well with the grinded ginger and the choy konn tong, very tasty boiled with chicken...I usually go for a refill :)

  3. Criz Lai // Jul 30, 2008, 4:15:00 PM  

    Hmmm... it seemed like everyone is going for Hainanese Chichen Rice nowadays, so am I :P Somehow I like the roasted one due to the marinate on the skin I guessed.

    As for the ricem it's the sesame oil and chicken stock that made it so tasty. Some will even add in the oil by frying the chicken fat. If you feel like cooking your own, you can always get the recipe from my blog sidebar under "chicken rice".

    Don't forget to visit my blog on 31st July 2008... I have a food contest from then onwards.

  4. Allie // Jul 30, 2008, 5:07:00 PM  

    Ya. In fact I also go for a refill for the soup. :-)

    Food contest? Ok.. sure will drop by. Thanks for the info.