We are out to hunt for chicken porridge which is recommended by a friend of us. The first thing we did is order the porridge when we reach as we are very hungry and neglecting to see the stall is yet to open for business.

The owner answer us in a 'not so good' manner that the porridge is not ready yet.
But I am so lucky that the famous curry ccf is still open. The porridge stall is just next to the ccf stall. I thought the stall only operate from noon till evening. When we place the order, the stall owner told us that the chicken is finish, only left potato. As our stomach is crying for food and I've been wanting to taste this curry chee cheong fun, we order it still.

Even without the chicken, the curry ccf taste good. But if more curry is served, then it'd be better. Hehe...
Even though the chicken had finished, on and off there are customers buying the ccf still.

Even after we finished our ccf, seems like there's not any sign of opening of the porridge stall. We heard the owner told one customer that, when the light is on, then only the stall is open for business. When it's about 8.30pm, the light is on.

Without any delay, we order 2 bowls of chicken porridge. We added fish fillet into our porridge. The porridge texture is not as smooth as the one I ate in HK. But the taste is good.

There are some fresh lettuce, yau char kuai, shredded ginger in the porridge. A hint of sesame oil in the porridge - the way I always like my porridge to taste like. Chunks of chicken and fish fillet can be found in the porridge.

Overall the porridge taste good but the owner's manner is not so good. Even when she served us the porridge, we do not feel any kindness in it. :-p

p/s: We saw that some customer order a plate of chicken separately. I would like to try this on my next visit. But need to consider for revisit or not due to the unkindness of the owner.


  1. cariso // Oct 17, 2008, 5:27:00 PM  

    Ya, I agreed with you! I was kinda scared when wanna place order. Can scold ppl one leh! :(

  2. JeromeFo 令狐冲 // Oct 17, 2008, 5:53:00 PM  

    Traditional chicken porridge !
    Wish i could hv the chance to try it!

  3. Allie // Oct 17, 2008, 9:43:00 PM  

    huh? scold ppl one ar... Not good. Not good.. .

    Yea. It's tasty just that the owner is a bit... hm...

  4. Tau Sar Phneah // Oct 18, 2008, 12:46:00 AM  

    yes...they're a 'little' unfriendly...but no doubt they served the best cantonese style 'yu sang kai chok'....the best time to go is at 8.30-9pm...

    my family is one of the reg customer...usually give them a ring before we arrive...just to make sure..there's still porridge left...hehe :) :)

  5. ck lam // Oct 18, 2008, 12:54:00 AM  

    This is the porridge that I left out in my Cintra Street post...porridge looks yummy :)

  6. Duckie // Oct 18, 2008, 9:36:00 AM  

    i do agree that she is not one of the friendlier person around!!!

  7. Christy // Oct 18, 2008, 10:24:00 AM  

    Hmmm...scold people somemore....I'd definitely not go back, good or not good food:p

    I've not heard of this curry ccf in Penang ler...but if they scold ppl, then erm.....and also, thank goodness, i'm never one for porridge:p

  8. Allie // Oct 18, 2008, 2:56:00 PM  

    tau sar phneah,
    wah! you got their phone # one a. Keng!

    CK Lam,
    The porridge is indeed yummy. Hehe

    Ya. really unfriendly :-p

    No, the curry ccf didn't scold ppl one. Don't worry.

  9. Penang Tua Pui // Oct 18, 2008, 4:15:00 PM  

    hmm..... bad temper lao yee....

    hee hee,.... we will leave it to Huat Koay and Tam Ciak who is very good to deal with this species...

    how we deal with them... hmm.. secret la...

    wanna know.. join us one day... sure will learn..

    but her porridge is nice... of course can't compare with the one at HK la.... hee hee

  10. Jose // Oct 19, 2008, 2:21:00 AM  

    Looks gorgious, wish I lived nearer

  11. CRIZ LAI // Oct 19, 2008, 7:40:00 PM  

    You know I had always wondered why that old lady has no smile on her face and grumpy all the time too. I wished I can put some smiles on her face.

    No doubt her "chook" is good but occasionally I had the fish with muddy taste. That's something she might not know too. The "Yu Tiao" is from the famous stall a block away but she loves to chop it until all broken up, unless you ordered it separately.

    Hey! You should try the fresh/fried grouper meat hor fun opposite at the corner coffee shop. It's good. :)


  12. Allie // Oct 19, 2008, 8:27:00 PM  

    Good, faster ask huat koay and tam ciak go kao tim the aunty!

    Thanks for visiting!

    In fact, I did wonder if the yu tiao is from that famous stall. Okok, will go try the grouper meat hor fun. Thanks!

  13. allenooi // Oct 19, 2008, 9:57:00 PM  

    i seldom eat porridge. most of the time, people will have the concept, sick people will only eat the porridge. :)

    I like oyster porridge. most of the time will get that instead of other porridge.

    seems like cintra st got a lot of food huh.... saw many food blogger posted the food from there.

  14. gill gill // Oct 23, 2008, 1:16:00 AM  

    they usually opened the stall after my hungry went off!

    anyway, did you guys noticed the owner using "PLASTIC MUG" to get "HOT WATER" to POUR direct into the porridge????

    RED ALERT for you guys