Starview Restaurant moved to New World Park (NWP). This restaurant is no longer operating at Burmah Road?

Been to NWP last Saturday and took this picture. Suppose this restaurant just opened as so many flowers are put outside.


  1. Duckie // Oct 13, 2008, 3:30:00 PM  

    oh this new place looks a lot nicer!!! and i was about to ask why you limit your blog readers to those authorised only. now it's not anymore!!!

  2. Little Inbox // Oct 13, 2008, 4:19:00 PM  

    yea, notice about it during my last 2 week's visit there.

  3. Allie // Oct 13, 2008, 4:32:00 PM  

    Yea. And more easier to get a parking too.

    Oh ya, I was doing some changes with my blog.

    Little Inbox,
    You are so updated.

  4. PenangtuaPui // Oct 13, 2008, 5:31:00 PM  

    they had move to NWP... horey... another great place to makan....

  5. Christy // Oct 14, 2008, 8:48:00 AM  

    Yeah, I saw this too last week and the old Starview is still there this means they are branching:D

  6. Allie // Oct 14, 2008, 9:19:00 AM  

    Yea! Faster go eat and review!

    But I heard that there are shifting to NWP... Hmm...

  7. CRIZ LAI // Oct 14, 2008, 11:20:00 AM  

    I hope this place would be better in holding wedding receptions. The last one had quite limited spaces. One thing to note is that when you order their food, you have to specify the size as small. The last time I went there with 5 friends, they prepared enough to feed a football team.. sweat~

    Anyway, their food is still nice, especially their mini fish noodle hot pot. :)

  8. CK Lam // Oct 14, 2008, 3:56:00 PM  

    They told me they were shifting when i went there for dinner in August with my friends. This new location has more parking space.

  9. Allie // Oct 14, 2008, 4:12:00 PM  

    And more parkings too.

    CK Lam,
    Thanks for your info!

  10. New Kid on the Blog // Oct 17, 2008, 7:56:00 AM  

    weekends are full... can't get a table for 10 now. :(

  11. Allie // Oct 17, 2008, 9:27:00 AM  

    Wah ... their business so good ar!